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My Ikea Sewing Room - Part 2

ikea sewing room
I spent a lot of time researching the Ikea options before visiting the store.  I wanted an area for shipping storage: enclosure cards, wrapping ribbon, plastic bags, shipping bags, priority envelopes and boxes.  I also needed an area to complete the shipping process and I was hoping for a tall piece so I am not always leaning over to package orders.  Lastly I needed some type of shelving or drawers for my inventory.
ikea craft table with kallax shelves
This (above) table is my greatest Ikea hack.  This table was created by building two Kallax shelving units and laying them on their side.  The Kallax shelving units also have a style with eight boxes of equal size, however I preferred this unit so I could fit a variety of items. 
The top of this table was created from the Skarsta standing desk top.  Here is my Ikea pro tip:  Many Ikea units require you to purchase multiple pieces which are built together to create your desired item.  The Skarsta standing desk is purchased in two boxes, the top and the base legs.  I purchased just the desk top only.  We built the Kallax shelves and attached the top with L brackets.
Ikea Skarsta standing desk ikea desk organizer
Next I had my eye on the Skarsta standing desk (for it's intended purpose as a desk, and not just using it for parts, ha).  This is my dedicated shipping area and I can raise the top to a comfortable height when working on my feet.  I also purchased two of these desktop organizers and they fit my enclosure cards and other shipping items like ribbon, and stickers perfectly.
ikea sewing room
My final task was to find a storage unit for my inventory.  I decided to use drawers from the Nordli system.  This system offers several ways to customize.  Again, we added a little DIY twist to make an L shaped unit with six drawers to go around the window. 
ikea sewing room hack
This was created with the large four drawer Nordli unit and the two drawer chest.  My husband took the long top from the four drawer unit, cut it in half and used it on top of each piece. 
I am thrilled with my new office space and very thankful for my patient husband who built all of these Ikea pieces in record time. I love working in my new space.  Feel free to reach out with any questions on how we created this look.

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