My Ikea Sewing Room

January 26, 2019

My Ikea Sewing Room
ikea sewing craft room ideas
When I began Brimmer Boys, almost five years ago, I used our spare bedroom for my sewing area and office.  As our family and my business grew I soon realized that I needed more space.  I moved my business into our home office and slowly started taking over our unfinished living room as well.  My office was a collection of folding tables and mismatched boxes and I was itching to make some changes. 
sewing room makeover
Although embarrassing to show, these folding tables and cardboard boxes created my shipping and "warehouse" area.  I kept all of my shipping supplies in boxes and never felt satisfied with the space.  Once the final orders for the Christmas 2018 season were shipped it was time for a makeover!
ikea office makeover sewing craft room
PHASE 1: Office and sewing areas.  I divide my work areas into computer work and sewing work.  I use the Linnmon/Alex set up for my computer area.  The workspace is simple and clean and the drawers provide enough storage space for office supplies.  I purchased a second Linnmon top for my sewing area.  This table top is slightly larger and allows for more area when working on cumbersome sewing projects.
sewing room organization peg board DIY
This peg board is an important addition to my crafting office.  I can organize all of my thread, scissors and other supplies at an arm's reach.  I also spray pained the wire baskets white to match the white pegboard.
PHASE 2: Shipping and storage area.  This is the area that would see the biggest transformation.  Anything would be an improvement after the folding tables and cardboard boxes.  Visiting Ikea can be overwhelming.  I suggest fully reviewing the website before you visit.  Many pieces can be used interchangeably and it can be difficult to determine that in the store. 
ikea visit with toddlerI took one helper with me on this Ikea trip (I ended up needing a second trip and I went solo for that one).  We had to remove most of the car seats for all of the items to fit.  We had a big list of items to complete the rest of my office.
And here is my shout-out to my amazing husband (and sons) who helped me to assemble countless pieces of Ikea furniture. 
Part two of the Ikea sewing room makeover can be found here.

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